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De Ja Views

De Ja Views
by Dorothy Neil

(Island Images Press)

filled with historical photographs of Whidbey Island

By Canoe and Sailing Ship...

By Canoe and Sailing Ship They Came
by Dorothy Neil and Lee Brainard

(Sprindrift Press)

a history of Whidbey Island filled with the stories told by those early residents of the island

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Over a century and a half ago, two peoples met on Whidbey Island and discovered each other. Master Joseph Whidbey, first mate of Captain George Vancouver, English explorer and navigator who anchored in the Straits of Juan de Fuca sent his survey crews out in small boats. Native American tribes who lived on Whidbey Island welcomed the white men, traded with them, lived among them, and sadly, eventually disappeared from Whidbey.

Both groups left behind a rich history, fascinating to those fortunate enough to live on the island and indeed to anyone interested in local history.

Early Island History

Tschakolecy - Whidbey before the white man came

Doquebuth's Children - the myth and the history

The Skagit Flood Myth

Lee's Whidbey Columns

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