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Whidbey Island Native Americans

More information on the explorers who first visited Whidbey:

Vancouver's Discovery of Puget Sound
by Edmund S. Meany

Voyages of Discovery: Captain Cook and the Exploration of the Pacific

The Journals of Captain Cook
(Penguin Classics, abridged)
by J. C. Beaglehole

Captain James Cook
by Richard Hough


biography of the great explorer who visited Whidbey Island in 17?

Journal of the Voyages of the Hms Discovery and Chatham

Whidbey History  
Whidbey Island History

Deception Pass Ferry Deception Pass Ferry before the bridge was built in 1935

Coupeville Coupeville - when it was a one horse town

Writing Local History
by local historian Dorothy Neil

Writing a history is no easy task. Years ago when I started talking to old timers and taking notes on what happened nearly a century and a half ago, we found amusingly different tales from various ones present at the same happening. They repeated what their father or mother had told them, which was colored by sentiment, prejudice, or by their own natures. Then the event would no doubt bear our own stamp of interpretation as well as theirs.

Only the names, places and dates survive, which alone do not make an interestingly readable history. The mood of the writer has great impact on a story. But even the reader changes the story with his reactions and prejudices.

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